“There is no End in Budo ~ Martial Ways;
only the continual Evolution of Inspiration”


Our Aim and Mission Statement

A team of professional Martial Artists and Research professionals have finally come together to expand the ‘Reality of International Martial Arts’

The vast range of martial arts world-wide, covers a broad area of study and cultural research.

BuTaeDo.com & BudoSecrets.com is a web-based Martial educational site focused on the investigation of martial entities and their specialized nature.  Budo secrets  ‘selectively’ covers the opinions and ‘Hidden’ specialties of masters, both past and present, which serve as a means to encourage the physical – mental – and spiritual suggestions for training, practice, entertainment, and esoteric comprehension. 

The BuTaeDo website and it’s portals allows viewer/members to glean information in their specific Martial Art and continue to find elements lost in nature that work in harmony with one’s study and personal lives.  As a profusion of vast information, it is our goal to examine the unknown and mysterious Martial cultures while expanding on the most recent innovations targeting Martial-Military-& Hidden arts narratives.  

Two sites / Two mediums in which to explore.  One side contains general information with focus on a broad range of topics.  These topics include numerous masters with their history and the propagation of martial way in general.  Simply, BuTaeDo will include the nature of Budo (martial way), Bujittsu (military way), TaeKwon Do, Asian entities world-wide, and how they function.  Please know that information (reprints), and articles are only as good as the historical information, opinions, and facts that are researched.   Our goal and objective is to propagate ‘real’ growth for those who seek invaluable information to illuminate the heart and soul for personal enlightenment. 

Budo Secrets: As Members Subscribers Only.  Membership with BudoSecrets.com allows access to exclusive, private and unpublished information. The goal is to deliver ‘hidden’ documented or undocumented material, which will enhance the member’s abilities to use in personal training and spiritual enhancement.  Membership will also give it’s users a means to act and react to material which is seldom shared by masters, or may have passed leaving uncertainty from a lack of transmission to followers.  Insight to masters specialties lesser known, and to secret training practices, are available for deeper study.  Additionally, masters interviews – survival interviews – new exclusive products – healing herbs – holistic helping treatment, supportive cures, and more will be released on BuTaeDo pod-casts Martial Arts television.  

Thank you     “Seek the Unknown”

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In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins-not through strength but by perseverance.
~ H. Jackson Brown