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Ruruko, also known as Ryuru Ko, Ryu Ryo, Ryu Ryo Ko, and Liu Liu Kung (in Chinese), was a Chinese teacher of a form of southern Shaolin Chun Fa (known as Nakisuru Ken in Japanese) based in Fuzhou in the province of Fukien. He worked as a carpenter and is best known as the instructor of Master Higaonna Kanryo during Higaonna’s stay in China. Ruruko taught Master Higaonna the five forms (kata) that became the foundation of Okinawan Naha-te Sanchin, Seisan, Sanseiru, Seipai and Suparinpei.
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Kyo Kochi (pronounced Shue Sheng Zhi in Chinese) was a professor at the Taiwan Medical University. Master Kyo was an expert in Chinese medicine as well as an expert in a variety of Chinese martial arts.


Founder of Koei-Kan Karate-Do:

Koei-Kan is an original style of Karate that can be traced back to its roots in China, Okinawa, and Japan. Master Eizo Onishi founded the Koei-Kan system of Karate in 1952 and established his first official “dojo” on April 2nd, 1954 in Kanagawa-Ken, Japan.

Master Onishi was a senior student of two prominent Okinawan Karate instructors, Master Kanken Toyama (1888-1966), and Master Juhatsu Kiyoda (1888-1967). He also studied Chinese fistic arts with various teachers, particularly, Master Koichi Kyo (Japanese pronunciation), a university professor from Taiwan. Master Onishi also studied traditional Japanese Martial Arts, such as Judo, Kendo and Jodo. For more detailed information please visit National Koei-Kan.

Kancho Onishi Eizo has taught throughout Asia, North American, South America, and Europe. Master Onsihi currently serves as the Chairman of the International Koei-Kan Karate-Do Federation and the International Kendo Gaku Federation (with Headquarter in Tokyo, Japan). Master Onishi has authored five books in japanese and continues to teach and lecture worldwide.

United States Pioneers:

Koei-Kan was brought to the United States in 1956 by Edward Kaloudis to New York City with the permission of his teacher and system founder, Kancho Onishi Eizo. Kaloudis Sensei is without a doubt the major pioneer of Koei-Kan in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.  Mr Richard Woodgeard, a United States Marine from Ohio studied under Kancho Onishi Eizo while stationed in Japan during the early 1960’s becoming one of the first American’s to earn a black belt in the Koei-Kan system. Upon returning to the United States he taught at various location in Ohio eventually establishing a fixed Dojo in Marion where he produced a number of black blest including his wife Barbara. in collaboration with Edward Kaloudis and Brian Frost he was instrumental in the formation of the United States Branch of the International Koei-Kan Karate-Do Federation.   Mr. Gary Clements while serving in the  United States Navy was stationed in Japan during the early 1960’s where he was a pupil of Kancho Onishi Eizo, becoming one of the first American’s to earn a black belt in Koei-Kan. Upon returning to the United States he began teaching a select few in the Detroit Metropolitan area becoming a senior advisor and mentor to Brian Frost. O’Sensei Brian Frost as one of Kancho Onishi Eizo’s senior students, holder of 8th Dan, served as the Chief Technical Director for Koei-Kan and National Director for Koei-Kan in the United States until his passing September 16, 2009. Mr. Frost was a guiding force in the promulgation of the Koei-Kan system and an inspiration to many people.


Bellevue Dojo Leadership.

Mr. Sharif Robles began his Koei-Kan Practice in 1991 and is the Chief Instructor in Washington State under the direction of his teacher Shihan Jack Sabat. Sensei Sharif Robles holds Yondan ( 4th degree Black Belt) in the Koei-Kan system and is the “Dojo Cho, Director of the Bellevue Academy of Koei-Kan Karate-Do.

Mr. Jack M. Sabat entered his martial arts practice in 1967 and received his training through O’Sensei Brian Frost in Michigan. Shihan Jack Sabat holds Shichidan (7th degree Black Belt) in the Koei-Kan Karate-Do System. He resides in Santa Barbara, California where he leads and promotes the Koei-Kan system with stalwart stamina, enthusiasm and vision. 

Licensed Shihan in the U.S.A.:

Jack M. Sabat

Patrick Ciser
Jeffrey Mason
George Scordilis
Dave Spearing
Al Mendillo Sr.
LeeAnn Miller-Feinstein
Mike Brown Sr.
Victor Bellott
Michael Kelly

Brad Hildabrand
Stephen Mason
Mark Tinsky
Steve Slezak
Tom Davies
Greg Duimovich
Sue Scarborough
Nina Wrubel
Michael Brown, Jr.
Ronald W. Chapman
Alex Nikoloudakis
Carlos Hernandez
Tony Becerra


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The quality or state of being accountable; especially :  an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions.
Everything starts here, flourishes or diminishes here…  And in the end, everything finishes here. 

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Over the years, I've had the opportunity to experience styles and systems that I felt had the depth and breath of real Budo.  Most of my experiences were eye opening to say the least. After training in Japan and in the Military, testing the fiber of my existence was constant, while testing my ability to rise to any occasion while getting my 'Ass' put in place by my teacher. Instead of a matted floor or hard wood, I enjoyed the bruising from a steel deck. Case and point; Come up the hard way.  How could anything else be more difficult?  Well, it was! I believe the foundation was laid that summer night in the Gulf of Tonkin off Viet Nam, where I was punished in 95 degree humid weather to defend myself against a few other arrogant Brooklyn practitioners.  A rude awakening! Snapshot forward, in USA, I found myself seeking the battle foundation in Detroit (lovely resort).

Skipping the nuances, I trained in Dojo after Dojo, and found Koei-Kan and the teacher 'OSensei' that met my Will to Survive through hardships. The unyielding & tested will to win, was drilled into every fiber...

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1. Began private training at the professional Koei-Kan Karate-Do academy on State St. Santa Barbara. Upon acceptance into the dojo, Liddell starting the basic program of striking / kicking / and defensive tactics in and around the traditional atmosphere of the Koei-Kan dojo.

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path through lush green forrestKeep your Japanese sword ‘Nippon-to’ sharp. Train as though you may enter the field of combat each day, and never look back. It begins with a vision of greatness. That becomes your journey which starts with an idea. You can't kill a great Idea.

Appreciation Thank you for your contributions to the United Spirit of Koei Kan Karate-Do. You make me realize that we all belong to something greater than ourselves! Something that took Root long ago. A modern day art found out of ancient rituals (reigisaho) Ability and skill is what you are capable of executing relative to thousands of repetitions. Motivation determines what you do and attitude determines how well. This is devotion to task. Build our family with unconditional acceptance of each other. An unselfish heart is master over the ego. Always something new!

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