Koei Kan Karate Do

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Jul 4, 2018 | in National Geographic

koei kan karate do kanjiAbout Koei-Kan

Koei-Kan Karate-Do is a traditional system of martial art, originating in Japan. Master Eizo Onishi founded it in 1952. His teacher, Master Kanken Toyama, suggested the name "Koei-Kan" to Onishi. The basic translation of Koei-Kan, happiness (ko), prosperity (ei), and hall or house (kan), implies its underlying philosophy: "prosper with happiness toward the future." The ultimate purpose of Koei-Kan, by means of combative training and discipline, is to cultivate character. Koei-Kan is devoted to developing the spirit, and encourages the individual to find success and fulfillment.koei kan monsho and japan karate do crest