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Aug 6, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

Karate, for centuries was originally practiced in secret, cloaked in classical Okinawan dance. The fighting art was closely guarded by family members, teachers and practitioners. Karate was indigenous to the RyuKyu culture, pervaded by weapons bans throughout the centuries which forced the Okinawans to employ empty or China hand (Te) for self-protection.

The lack of records also lends to the curtain of uncertainty regarding historical events and facts for any given time period of Te history. The bombings during the United States invasion of Japan and Okinawa in the 1940's was the final blow and catalyst to obliterate karate's ancient history. Many records of RyuKyu culture, politics and government were destroyed during the war by the bombs and aftermath of fire. After World War II the RyuKyu language Okinawa Hogen was forbidden to be spoken or taught in the schools. We do have some information regarding martial arts in Okinawa and most historians would agree on the following important overview of facts.

by Jack M. Sabat
Jul 12, 2016 | in Martial Arts News