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monk jump kicka.  Find combinations in attacking that fit your physical abilities

b.  Practice Sen - Initiating the attack in Repetition until it's without thought

c.  Practice with and without contact.  

d.  Always think of strategy, setting the opponent up and finding the weakness

​e.  Simply, when executing any technique in a 

combination, one must visualize what his 'strategy' will do in creating an opening.  ​

f.  Using a partner; have the partner block the first move and allow the second move to penetrate.

This allows one to master distance/timing/and control.  Mostly, mental success!

​With the technique succeeding, 

the mind accepts success.  The real key here is of course, repetition.  I'm not talking about a couple dozen, I'm talking about 1000's of reps.  Cellular memory, muscle memory, and reaction ability.  

g.  It is also recommended that one use the same combination from different angles and apply with allusive and powerful execution.


The Secret:  The important secret here lies in the application.  One must push each attack full power as though one's life depends on each blow.  Push as though it were impossible to fail.​

Application and Efficiency

​Applying the most common martial arts technique;  Reverse punch

​Nine out of ten times, the execution of the Reverse Punch 'Gyaku-Tsuki' is done incorrectly.  The most visual example of that is the trajectory of the fist moving toward the target.  Turning the fist too early or more commonly, rolling the elbow outward will limit the power penetration, as the body is not aligned correctly behind the punch in execution.  Future problems occur which includes poor conditioning and Rotator problems.  

Cocking the the punch before execution is also telegraphs the attack.  In any case, follow the tutorial on punching as shown.


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