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​Teaching martial arts correctly is an art in itself.  Many teachers expect students to accommodate exactly what the martial system calls for ie; cookie cutter.  Wrong, though one may use a system or curriculum, it should contain flexibility.  Different students have different needs and muscular abilities.  So a good leader knows how to administer proper application of 'waza' and how to adjust with each student.  

An arranged or formatted curriculum need not be different, however, the adjustments made for the student to comprehend and build should match the students needs.  One of the martial arts challenges for a teacher is how quickly a student can become bored.  This is a character flaw from previous development of the individual in home-school-or in sports. 

Two things are crucial in this aspect; One, the technique can be used from different directions with emphasis placed on power words and used on different types of equipment and secondly, the instructor must be the magic.  Without the enthusiasm and dynamic expression of a great teacher, the student soon becomes bland and/or bored.  He must want to become like his teacher and his will to learn and grow must be continually ignited.  Karate and most martial arts are like hot water; One must continually add fire to keep the water hot, and so, it is with Budo.

The Secret:  As a teacher/leader;  One must never allow feelings and emotions to cloud the issue of warrior mentality.  Everything, 99% should be administered as though one was invincible.   Portraying this attitude should be exactly what the teacher 'IS'.


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