cosmic mindYour mind and the affirmation principle.

​The progress of each individual is totally dependent on his use of the mind.

Most people are unaware of the functions of the mind and, therefore, lack the facility to utilize their potential to best advantages.  Learning the proper use of this mechanism can lead to unlimited achievement, success, and gratification in all levels of life.  I recommend that each and every person, who is interested in effective improvement and rewarding results, study the following examples / messages on the use and application of the mind. 

Note: Regarding Martial Arts physical training.  The affirmation objective is to strengthen and create a mind set, as a powerful inducement to perform techniques and kata.  Word groupings or enlightenment - power words can be employed and inserted prior to every repetitive action.

One's focus on three crucial aspects of training are as follows:

  1. Breathing - 
    'Control over the breath supports energy flow and mental tenacity in training'​


  2. Power Words - 'Take the conscious and deliver sound thoughts (thinking) to the subconscious'​
  3. Repetition -  'Allows the physical to galvanize the action/reaction through tempering'​

The conscious mind injects thoughts into the subconscious repeatedly prior to or a moment before the execution of each technique.  Many times, silent word repetition is used by professionals and meditation teachers to prepare for any challenge or event.  In the final analysis, the mind is solidified in its belief of a given series or word/thought, which shapes the attitude and eventually the behavior.

Many of the self-hypnosis used by Shinto priests or Chinese monks, use sounds and repetition as the meditation.  In Martial Arts, we use the same concept, but the main difference is that each thought must proceed an 'Active Meditation', such as Kata or a given throw, over and over again, until the technique is without thought reflecting only the action towards perfection.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: This article is about the theory in social psychology. For the New Age practice of repeating positive self-statements, see Affirmations (New Age).

Self-affirmation theory is a psychological theory that focuses on how individuals adapt to information or experiences that are threatening to their self-conceptClaude Steele originally popularized self-affirmation theory in the late 1980s, and it remains a well-studied theory in social psychological research.

Self-affirmation theory contends that if individuals reflect on values that are personally relevant to them, they are less likely to experience distress and react defensively when confronted with information that contradicts or threatens their sense of self.

Experimental investigations of self-affirmation theory suggest that self-affirmation can help individuals cope with threat or stress and that it might be beneficial for improving academic performance, health, and reducing defensiveness

Examples of 

'ONE Word' and 'Three Word' Affirmations in practice;

  1. Power Power Power
  2. Winner Winner Winner

Three Word affirmations relating to training

  1. Powerful / fearless / unstoppable
  2. Strength / honor / courage

You can practice these types of self-affirmations before one trains in meditation or the ONE word affirmation each time you launch a technique.  This plants the mind in proper perspectives to be without fear and challenge energy to succeed.  Many derivatives can be chosen based on the demands one is placing on the self.

The Secret: The key secret is to positively follow with training and challenge the self.  Affirmations do not work well when not followed by action or included in the action.  Later, we will discuss the aspects of how proper breathing can support and enhance the results found in constructive affirmation practices. 

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