Carole M. Morrone, ShotoKan of Detroit Michigan

About the Contributor

Carole M. Morrone has been an active karate-ka in Shotokan Karate since she started her training in April 1978 under the Japanese Shotokan Karate-Do Association (JSKA), Chief Instructor James V. Morrone, Jr.  She started her training in a physical education class at Wayne State University in Detroit, where she attained a Bachelor of Science degree, with Honors, in Biology.  With a strong background in dance, ballet, and school team sports, she recognized the compatibility of karate’s physical dynamics with her previous athletic experiences. It was then she decided this was an art she wanted to master.

Carole became Chief Instructor of the JSKA in 2006 upon the death of her husband O-Sensei Morrone, and currently holds the rank of Roku-Dan. She tested under and received her San-Dan rank in 1987 from Masatoshi Nakayama, Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Association.   

The JSKA is committed to teaching traditional Shotokan Karate. Training is vigorous, athletic and technical.  All students are encouraged to develop their potential, both physically and mentally.  Discipline, honor and integrity apply not only on the dojo training floor but in all aspects of everyday life.  Students from seven to 75 years old have trained there.  Open six days a week, the dojo offered mixed rank, basic and advanced classes. Small class size and many opportunities to train allowed Carole to individualize and personalize training regimens for each student.  

Competing nationally in tournaments in Detroit, Chicago, Indiana, Cincinnati, Columbus, Minneapolis and Phoenix, Carole achieved many first-place finishes in Kata, Team Kata and Kumite.  She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and in Japan, and has trained with several instructors of the Japan Karate Association. Carole’s training included exposure to other styles of martial arts and excellent martial artists.  She is a firm believer that there are no superior martial arts. The superiority lies in the individual martial artist. And she has trained with many of them.  Highly ranked Yudansha from Aikido, Koei Kan, Chito-Ryu, African Martial Arts and Judo have remained friends and peers, sharing technical and instructional skills throughout her career.

As a woman who attained a high level of achievement in all areas of the martial art - rank, competition, instruction - and as owner and operator of her own dojo, she provides a unique perspective. She has taught community programs, awareness programs, and given lectures to service, social and charitable organizations.  


For eight years Carole planned three-day weekend summer karate camps building camaraderie by training, cooking and cleaning together in a rustic setting. Martial arts demonstrations featuring friends and peers from different styles were held filling the 500-seat historic Marquis Theater in Northville, Michigan. She also organized successful tournaments and seminars bringing together hundreds of martial artists to share ideas and, to ultimately see, we all share the same goal.