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George C. Scordilis, DC, CCSP, DMBPP

Dr. Scordilis is recognized by his peers throughout the entire Chiropractic community as a thought provoking leader in nutrition, exercise physiology and integrative wellness. Has traveled with the USA karate team to Venezuela and Greece as the teams Chiropractor. Has treated elite swimmers  at the USA Olympic training center in Colorado Springs with the USA junior national swim team. Has an active practice in Clifton, NJ in which he uses his knowledge and expertise to help his patients. Has trained Koei-Kan Karate-Do for 50 years, has competed nationally and internationally and holds a 7th degree black belt.

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Oct 22, 2015 | in Nutrition

One of the key factors for any athlete is staying injury free. There have been many articles written on the subject and this article will differ in the concentration of three key factors. Preparing the mind, the body and the soul for battle. As martial artist we differ in many respects then other athletes and in that vain this article will focus on the martial artist.  The mind is a powerful weapon and as any other part of the whole it must be cultivated in such a manner that failure is not an option...