Dr. Robert Mathis, M.D.

About the Contributor

Dr Mathis taught Electronics School for the US Navy for 3 years at the Class A School in San Francisco, California. Dr. Mathis has a degree in human physiology and minor studies in engineering from the University of California – Davis.  He received his medical degree (MD) in 1979 from AUC Medical School. He took his residency training at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Mathis has practiced in the areas of Urgent Care and Family Practice since 1986.  He began Holistic-Anti-Aging practice in 2004. He is board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine (2001), Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine (2006) and he is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (2005). 

Dr Mathis co-founded a Medical device manufacturing business (1986-1997, CEO of Mathis-Koolpe Inc.) where he developed the Be-Safe needle stick protection device. Dr Mathis has written FDA submissions (submitted and received clearance for Be-Safe, currently consulting/writing other submissions). Dr Mathis has ISO 9000 certification. 

Dr. Mathis is a certified PC technician (completed in 1998, he builds, maintains and repairs systems and networks for windows).  He attended vocational school for hardware training for 4 months and Microsoft software training for one year and is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) (2001). 

Dr Mathis is keenly aware of the Alternative-Integrative approach to patient care, which focuses on the patient as a whole and treatment aimed at rebalancing and rejuvenating system function instead of simply, symptom control. Dr Mathis became Board Certified in Holistic Medicine (ABIHM)(November 2001). He is American College of Nutrition board certified as a Clinical Nutrition Specialist (CNS)(2005). He is also Board Certified with American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regererative Medicine (2006)(ABAARM). He is Board Certified with the American Board of Addictionology and Compulsive Behaviors(C.Ad.)(2015) He is currently working toward board certification in Environmental Medicine. Dr Mathis is a member of ACAM, ABIHM, and A4M. Dr Mathis attends 12 to 18, (2 to 4 day) seminars yearly to keep up with new and changing medical and alternative medical information. He considers this a very important part of his practice. He has completed over 150 medical educational seminars (over 4500 hours) between 2005 to present.

Dr Mathis has a special interest in the areas of Endocrinology, Weight Management and Diabetes. Dr Mathis is an expert in the area of Heart Rate Variability, a new, non-invasive, non-destructive, predictive test of the overall balance of the Autonomic Nervous System and health. 

Dr Mathis is pioneering in the area of medicine, he has named, Focus Functional Testing. This approach focuses on how well the body systems are working and how to keep them functioning at optimal levels. He has opened the first Baseline Health Screening Center in Santa Barbara, California where your personal benchmark of your health performance can be measured. Baseline Health Screening measures how well you are not how sick you are. Baseline Health Screening provides the first positive step into prevention of disease and optimizing of your health. 

He maintains an active Holistic and Anti-Aging medical practice. Currently, he also does computer consulting to the public and local businesses.