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Jack Sabat is a practitioner of Martial Arts for 50 Years. As a Black-Belt in Chinese Kempo/ Shito-Ryu/ and Presently, 8th Degree Black-Belt in Koei-Kan Karate-Do; Jack has experienced concrete factors and underlying principles of real Budo (Martial Ways). Martial Arts Philosophy or life philosophy will be examined and translated for the purpose of strengthening the spiritual – mental – and physical aspects of life. These expressions or philosophical views can be used to encourage, help, and stimulate the Inner Spirit to Thrive.


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Nov 7, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

mas oyamo quote on persveranceIn order to do great things, it's got to start by achieving small things Great!


Aug 29, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

Itemple on side of a mountainf you want to be truly great, find the most difficult path in Budo and never look back.
Aug 29, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

Mas Oyama sitting in front of a snowy mountainThe length one will travel to succeed in Budo, is relative to the strength in his inspiration to be Great - A great teacher helps as well.
Jul 16, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

japanese buildings on a cliff's edgeIf you are not moving forward, you are slowly inching backwards from whence you came. So plan on hanging on the edge, because if you’re not,
you're taking up too much of my space and others.


Jul 16, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

image of building and mountains in the distance"It's not the Violence that makes the man, it's the distance he's willing to travel in order to succeed."​

Jul 16, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

two fighters fighting in the sunset"If you can control the distance/interval in "battle," you can control the strategic balance/battle of your mind."  

Note: Distance in striking, kicking, blocking, and most of all in 'Movement.'

Jul 10, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

top of a mountain with spectacular viewsLive your dream. If you don’t have one, find one. 
Life is too short to allow The sands of time to slip by without contributing something great. 
Training is our Budo key. Practice as if it was impossible to fail. 
Think of that; just by pushing to the brink of exhaustion you’ll find a deep understanding of what you’re made of. What’s your ilk?? Upon that moment, many things become clear mentally allowing your mind to focus On the magic of self-belief and awakening. 
End each day knowing everything you did was executed with total completion. 
Stay close to your practice and stay connected every day. It is the continual advancement of the human body through training, that things truly change. 
Life is passing by all too quickly. So, go on, believe in the self. 
Courtesy to all, Respect to some, Fear to NONE 
Live your virtues: Considerations
and love. 
Most of all, cultivate a selfless spirit. Share your children’s Joy ..

Jul 10, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

shoreline in the distanceNever allow the difference between what you say and what you do to be far from the truth. This is known as ‘Hane no Tate mae;’ the difference between what you say and what you do. This goes for training and matches the real world you live in. Be true to thy self.

Remember Your Past “Shoshin wasu re be kara zu.” Do not forget your initial intentions connected to your Budo. Remember the early lessons and hardships connected with the search for mastering skills and enlightenment. Don’t forget where you came from or you won’t get to where you need to go!

Jul 10, 2018 | in Philosophy and History


top of a mountain“To fight and conquer in one hundred battles is not the highest skill. 
To subdue the enemy with no fight at all, that’s the highest skill.”



Jun 30, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

sword cutting water"Even the finest sword, when plunged into salt water, will rust." ~ Sun Tzu

Jun 21, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

ninja squirrelThe Greatest victory is the one where no battle is waged.  Peace over war.

Jun 21, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

"samurai in forestTo know the enemy, one must become the enemy." ~ Sun Tzu
Feb 9, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

King Leonitus in battle"Work yourself Strong not Out."

Feb 4, 2018 | in Philosophy and History

ninja flying frontkick“Instead of counting the moments that take your breath away, count the moments that left you breathless.” ~ Take Risks.

Aug 18, 2017 | in Philosophy and History

Our greatest weakness is Giving Up, our greatest strength is moving forward even it's painful.

Feb 19, 2017 | in Philosophy and History

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to experience styles and systems that I felt had the depth and breath of real Budo.  Most of my experiences were eye opening to say the least. After training in Japan and in the Military, testing the fiber of my existence was constant, while testing my ability to rise to any occasion while getting my 'Ass' put in place by my teacher. Instead of a matted floor or hard wood, I enjoyed the bruising from a steel deck. Case and point; Come up the hard way.  How could anything else be more difficult?  Well, it was! I believe the foundation was laid that summer night in the Gulf of Tonkin off Viet Nam, where I was punished in 95 degree humid weather to defend myself against a few other arrogant Brooklyn practitioners.  A rude awakening! Snapshot forward, in USA, I found myself seeking the battle foundation in Detroit (lovely resort).

Skipping the nuances, I trained in Dojo after Dojo, and found Koei-Kan and the teacher 'OSensei' that met my Will to Survive through hardships. The unyielding & tested will to win, was drilled into every fiber...

Jan 8, 2017 | in Training Secrets

martial artist utilizing sanchin breathingSanchin (三戦) is a kata of apparent Southern Chinese (Fujianese) origin that is considered to be the core of several styles, the most well-known being the Okinawan Karate styles of Uechi Ryu and Goju Ryu, as well as the Chinese martial arts of Fujian White Crane, Five Ancestors, Pangai-noon and the Tiger-Crane Combination style associated with Ang Lian-Huat. Tam Hon taught a style that was called simply "Saam Jin" (Cantonese for "Sanchin"). The name Sanchin, meaning "three battles/conflicts/wars" is usually interpreted as the battle to unify the mind, body, and spirit; however, there are other interpretations.

Jan 4, 2017 | in Philosophy and History


No one said Budo would be easy, and anyone who professes it is, hasn't traveled far enough.



Dec 19, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is several levels different from the traditional Heart & Soul of Budo (traditional Martial Arts). It's more related to competition - competing in the field of combat focused on the vein of  destruction over another - versus the practice of Virtues in order to seek and discover one's true identity with the goal of self-understanding and self knowledge. In MMA the embodiment of a fighter’s mentality is rooted in fame, glory and dollars.

Dec 19, 2016 | in Training Secrets

1. Began private training at the professional Koei-Kan Karate-Do academy on State St. Santa Barbara. Upon acceptance into the dojo, Liddell starting the basic program of striking / kicking / and defensive tactics in and around the traditional atmosphere of the Koei-Kan dojo.

Dec 17, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

All Budo has two levels: The Heart and the Handsword - 'The Heart reflects the will and the handsword the courage to execute.'

Nov 25, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

"If you're not willing to take Risk, you're taking up too much Space."

Sep 11, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

Be all that you can be in a world of amazement & miracles. Continue your training in any Way that provides joy & solace. If something Budo is not working; Find a Way. Renkiohen! Remember! Fortune favors the BRAVE, and that your are! I ALWAYS remind myself of this: "An individual seldom remembers what you've said, BUT they Always remember how you made them feel!"
When you get down & feel alone; there's someone Out There thinking about you! 
Breath Deep... Sanchin is Life in motion. 

Sep 5, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

“Logical change comes from small advantages hammered out day by day without fail. That’s one Underlying method to success among others.” Remember how you performed under pressure in the past? When you assumed, youth was there then, and Slipping away now! Perform the best way that allows you to still excel. Simply, “Find a Way!!" ....

Aug 20, 2016 | in Weapons

Aug 14, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

Remember how you never gave up? Well! Never give up ~ ever. Have Courage and believe in yourself. Stay the fight, never allowing yourself to give in to foolish emotions. Know, that in the quiet corners of life and the essence of your spirit left behind; you are remembered for your Intrepid Honor as a Budoka who makes a difference. "Weigh your Past Against the Future." "Do more towards self-empowerment.” Your past has not deterred you, detained you, defeated you, or destroyed you, when in fact: ‘its made you stronger.'

​ Believe!! ​

Aug 14, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

“The mind is incredible. Once you’ve gained mastery over it, channeling its powers positively for your purposes, you can do anything. I mean anything. The secret is to make your mind work for you.”—not against you. This means constantly being positive. Constantly setting up challenges you can meet—either today, next week, or next month. “I can’t…” should be permanently stricken from your vocabulary, especially the vocabulary of your thoughts. You must see yourself always growing and improving.” 

“Good things don’t happen by coincidence. Every dream carries with it certain risks, especially the risk of failure. But I am not stopped by risks. Suppose a great person takes the risk and fails. Then the person must try again. You cannot fail forever. If you try ten times, you have a better chance of making it on the eleventh try than if you didn’t try at all.” 

Aug 14, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

Osu!! Your future is determined by a Spartan Willingness to discipline Ones Mind & Body. So with each breath and every drop of sweat; you temper your steel and galvanize the Destiny you desire to Own! Push to Destroy any lame excuses out of your mind; hence, cross the minefield without FEAR. Become a raging Storm towards success becoming that what you've dreamed. BELIEVE! Unstoppable - Powerful beyond measure. Be SOMEBODY. Breathe deeply the gathering spiritual energy.

Aug 13, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

Aug 13, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

“Ask yourself what problem you have right now. Not next year, tomorrow or five minutes from now. You can always cope with the now, but you can never cope with the future. Nor do you have to. The answer, the strength and the right action will be there when you need it. Not before or after.” – 

Aug 7, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

chief tecumeshBy: Williamsburg Military Insider The movie Act of Valor at the end, has this amazing poem by Native American Shawnee Chief, Tecumseh. I wanted to share it with you all. As a Current Military Spouse it has a special place. It’s truly amazing and I hope that it inspires you to make this life count, to pursue noble undertakings, and live to the fullest having used all your talents and have no regrets. “So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none.​"

Aug 7, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

There is no place in contemporary Karate-do for different schools. Some instructors, I know, claim to have invented new and unusual kata, and so they arrogate to themselves the right to be called founders of "schools". Indeed, I have heard myself and my colleagues referred to as the Shoto-kan school, but I strongly object to this attempt at classification. My belief is that all these "schools" should be amalgamated into one so that Karate-do may pursue an orderly and useful progress into man's future. 

 Gichin Funakoshi

Aug 7, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

Follow not in the footsteps of the masters, but rather seek what they sought.

​Comments;  Never think you are finished.  The end of one journey is the beginning of another.  What this implies, is that once 'ONE' masters the waza - techniques in any given style, once you have mastered the ability to strategically control your destiny, once you have skillfully developed the attitude of battle ~ "Seek outside knowledge, and ADD it to the basic and advanced principles of what you have already come to understand."  Solidify your existing art.  Too many times, pupils who achieve greatness, move on.  Take new knowledge and move deeper into your existing art.  "It takes one life to learn an art, and a second life to master it."

Jack Sabat - Study

Aug 7, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

“There is no mystique to Tai Chi Chuan. What is difficult is the perseverance. It took me ten years to discover my chi, but thirty years to learn how to use it. Once you see the benefit, you won’t want to stop.”

Aug 7, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

“We all have inner demons to fight. We call these demons ‘fear,’ and ‘hatred,’ and ‘anger.' If you don’t conquer them, then a life of a hundred years… is a tragedy. If you do, a life of a single day can be a triumph.” 

Jul 24, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

“As soon as you concern yourself with the “good” and “bad” of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you.”

Jul 24, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

You're gifted with amazing spirits and spartan tenacity. Because of you; others achieved greatness and Honorable recognition. Because of you, the path to achievement is honored, and your ability to translate the meaning of the ‘Way’ comes from the dynamic strength of a tenacious spirit. Your example serves as a beacon of light where one can find his or​ her way to the freedom of expression through the state of continued ​practice. By touching family & friends​,​ you've made the world a better place. Training is the source of enlightenment. The harder you practice, the more you find. 
Push to the end of exhaustion and see perhaps a glimmer of awakening.


Jul 24, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

Be like water!  Just as water, when it fills a vessel, takes the shape of that object, so should one who follows the way.  Shape yourself to the situation, be it battle or life. Be like water, adaptable, and strategize to that which is before you.  Seek a deeper understanding of the 'Way'.

Jul 23, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

The total absence of discursive thought; a state of which the ego is forgotten and the individual is free to perform without concern for dualistic notions of good or bad, success or failure.  

Mushin is the 'essence of Zen Martial Arts.'

Jul 23, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

How many truly gain wisdom in martial arts, Budo?  Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.  It embodies a great sense of intelligence, and common sense, including shrewdness, smartness, judiciousness, judgement, and prudence.  It is the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgement.  I would ascertain, that in the Budo, one must apply himself fully and completely in every act to the end.  In training, it would mean years and years devoted to the repetition of application of technique towards perfection and one step further; 'To execute without a thought stopping the mind.'  Complete exhaustion, where the mind and body become as ONE.  
Seek wisdom by scaling the cliff of life, only focused on one thing~ Doing!! Completely!

The Secret is to listen to the Breath during both inhaling and ​exhale.

Jul 23, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

mountain lake

If you want to obtain the secrets of such wonderful techniques, drill yourself, harden yourself, undergo severe training, abandon body and mind; follow this course for years and you will naturally reach the profoundest levels. 
To know if water is hot or cold you must taste it yourself. ​

Jul 23, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

samurai with swordAlways keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the great ocean, and the highest peak, empty of all  thoughts. Always keep your body filled with light and heat. Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment.
     Morihei Ueshiba

Jul 23, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

Don't fall victim to your emotions. They have the ability to shut you down. Fill your mind with positive energy and thoughts that create action. Create your destiny with a clear perception of your goals and never look back. You can not change the past. Focusing on the past only can Immobilize you in the present. 
Simply this: "Get on with living or get on with dying." Your dreams are what make you go. Light it up! 
Kill negative thinking with affirmative thoughts and win the fight against fear.

Jack Sabat

Jul 9, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

river and rocks

You "Face your Greatest Opposition when you're closest to your Biggest Miracle." We are subjected to risks each day where fate takes the Reins. Choosing the right path with common sense & the Help of Faith is what we're left with. Train to find Reason!! 

Challenge the self! 
Fighting the slippery slope w optimism is a frustrating Journey but doable. .  
Stay in Health & continue the Battle w a strong HEART.
Seek new mountains & Cross calm waters. Fight the Storms of Adversity & DO NOT GIVE UP or GIVE IN.

Jul 4, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

Our world is in a state of crisis. There will always be chaos and conflict As there always has been.

The idea, is to approach all those conditions as a means to adjust or adapt.

In times such as these, there are always opportunities, go and seek them.​

One can not control others, however, one has the power to change how he appears​ in​ life and change oneself based on discipline. 

Reach out to your brothers, and cultivate a greater sense of caring based on gratitude. Look at the big picture.

Practice to know yourself through austerity and the unlimited abilities one is capable of creating and remember; 

We are all connected.
Raise your consciousness to "Live like a feather on the breath of God."
Jack Sabat

japenese structure

Jul 4, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

"Ishin Denshin"  One Heart ~ One Mind

Connection: Everything you do affects those connected in your life. Once an act is finished, you can not take it back. It’s vested in the matrix. Consider all the greatness you've created and  your unselfish Generosity. Look up stoicism and in training , coming  from the heart; develop a spartan attitude. Remember: You never start to learn until you learn to carefully listen. Smash overzealous egos and allow oneself to absorb, while deleting the useless .

"Stay in the Heart of Budo" "Reach Out". sand garden

Jun 26, 2016 | in Philosophy and History
young frost breaking concreteSHU is expressed by an ideograph meaning "practice" ​and/or study.  
GYO is represented by a pictograph conveying crossroads.  Each day we come to crossroads in training as well as in other walks of life. 
To Quit or Continue???
It is at these times in our practice of the martial way, to recognize the beginners
mind/spirit (shoshin) so as to rejuvenate oneself through purification of hard work.
It is for this reason that special forms of austerity, severe, rigorous training is referred to as shugyo.
One can and should use shugyo to forge and hone oneself in ways aimed at the self-disciplines.
Brian Frost 'O'Sensei
Jun 26, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

harbor with lightening

'If you are not moving forward, you are slowly inching backwards from whence you came.  So plan on hanging on the edge, because if you're not, you're taking up too much of my space and others'.'

Jack Sabat

Jun 26, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

orion nebula"Sometimes; the most gifted students have to take the most abuse because they have the most to offer." 

This also means, delivering the most sincere consideration to the heart of the matter for the preparation for life battles/struggles/ and austerity.  However, this should be explained in detail to the practitioner.  Hard on the outside ~ Soft on the inside.

Jun 26, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

kanji"The tallest trees have to withstand the strongest winds."  

Note: When an individual strives to lead others and takes a position of authority when prepared, he must also learn to tolerate and temper the resistance that challenges him.  Simply, anyone can scream on the bottom, however, on the top there's little room.  Strive to climb to the summit and be on Top.

Jun 26, 2016 | in Philosophy and History
female martial artist with sword"Affirmations only work if you have the underlying structure/system to build upon" 
Note;  It is by design, that the results fostered by the mind ie; confidence/self-esteem, understanding/compassion and other virtues are understood and developed by the act of repetition.  With repetition, one can solidify self-belief in UNION with affirmations.
Jun 12, 2016 | in Philosophy and History


Know that with each driving attempt to master your skills; you become a stronger man (HERO WITHIN).

"Knowledge is a measure, but practice is the key to it."

Jun 12, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

machine samurai"Don't try to fix yesterday & get distracted by a place you'll eventually leave." Push to the highest & purest level of self cultivation through the demanding act of training.

Jun 4, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

lake and mountainsI believe that austerity and unfortunately tragedy offers a great lesson. 
One simple thing always exists: We can't control how or when nature may take our lives! 
We can control how we live in the moment and in some cases how we die, however, not when. 
Once Gifted with wise insight from training, Continue to move into the light & be proud of your devoted contributions toward human enrichment. 
Cast malice from your heart.
Galvanize the bonds (kizuna) that strengthen the unification of your brotherhood. 
Win battles against​ the self and all others will tend to become unimportant. Train each day on the B​udo path.

Jun 4, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

"Do every act in your life as though it were your last."
Marcus Aurelius ~ Romanmountain wilderness

Jun 4, 2016 | in Philosophy and History
samurai slashing with swordThe total absence of discursive thought; a state in which the ego is forgotten and the individual is free to perform without concern for dualistic notions of good or bad, success or failure.  Mushin is the essence of Zen in Martial Arts
Comment: The mind of no-mind reflects the thought of nothing.  No thoughts or if a thought is held, it means the mind momentarily stops.  In battle, this is the point where hesitation produces disaster or death.  Keep the mind free.  How? through the actions of repetition.
Jun 4, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

lake and mountains

Remember that skill outweighs luck by vast divides. Luck is not an intention. It is by skilled Practice that true science of strategies “Heiho” are realized. Allow your mind to wander while executing Technique. Simply, the first thing one must do is visualize what is going on with the body. 
Think through the body, by focusing the mind in the physical movement. 
Step outside and Look at yourself. 
If you are honest and aware, you can see the weaknesses and make corrections In order to build the perfect weapon and in the end, the perfect form. 
“Kata is everything, hence, It is the way of doing things” 
Comments; Pound away at the foundations of the system. 
Master the basics and the principles rather Than being a mindless fool. 
Study the waza- techniques and become invincible through austerity.   ​
Jun 4, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

kendokaBe in the game with pain rather than sitting on the sidelines. Reach out to your brothers and bare no resentments. 

Don’t wine, and make up excuses. ‘Win without boasting – Loose without excuse.’ 
No one said Budo would be easy. It is the very thing that makes you brave and courageous. 
Don't allow ego or excuses to substitute your will to win in tough times. ‘Tough times don’t last, tough people do.’ 
We are champions. Solidify the mind through right thinking and be that what you Wish to be, not who you want to be. 
Set the standard and follow your discipline Through all extremes. 
Comments: Set Goals and experience the sea of changes.
Jun 2, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

snowy mountain topsKata allows us to master 'mushin' no mind. The thought of no-thoughts.

Active meditation- ie: DoZen or the clear mind when the physical body is engaged In a pattern or battle. The zen-mind challenge allows us to take a break in mental chaos as it relates to normal life among other reasons. Our kata are similar to many others. Our kata simply connects the traditional aspect of age-old systems and styles. The development of ‘Budo’ is a means to an end in the vein of all karate do. Everything is ‘Kata.’ Train with it, use it, and master it! 

Comment: When your physical ability no longer supersedes the senior students, re-focus on the practice of Kata. Results are found in the secrets of Heiho ‘strategy’ and Kata’s hidden hand expressions.


Jun 2, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

If you do not seek the light you remain in darkness? Therefore, one must practice to lighten the way out of darkness (doubt).

Questions pertaining to the thought provoking nature of budo should be stimulated by each Budoka. 

Martial arts is more than punching – kicking – striking – and fighting. It’s called ‘finding a way’ or seeking peace through austerity.

It's like "what's next?" My answer is: ‘Execute another 5000 punches’ or train in the forest for 24 hours without any outside contact. 

Simply, but aggressively, push to the edge. 

Note: without deep thought through self challenging mastery, an emptiness remains.

Comments: Most of the time, the practitioner does what they must in order to find specific 'degrees' of effectiveness aimed at skills. 

True realization is not going to happen unless one pushes to the edge of the void.sword forging

Jun 1, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

mountains and lake scenery"Always Shine" like the sun reflecting against the blade of a sword – Nippon-to Make a difference in life, knowing that what you do affects others And bears significance to those you touch both directly and indirectly. Don't just work - Live to be a better Man ‘practitioner’ Reach out and encourage peace to your brothers Remember; we are all the sum of our thoughts. You are what you think And what you believe. Seek the higher levels of Budo by training to Exhaustion. It is then and there, in the grasp of a breath, you find enlightenment.

Jun 1, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

man surrounded by water1. Respect others, even if they don’t respect you. Later in life they may remember that respect. 

2. Live with your whole heart. It may be broken, but you can’t say that you never loved. 

3. Treat animals with kindness and it will be repaid to you a hundred fold. 

4. Be Honest with the people you love. Honesty is the best policy. 

5. Admit your mistakes; it shows you are human 

6. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them. Negative thinking will only make you depressed – and that’s not good for you or those around you. 

7. Tell your family that you love them. You never know when it may be the last time you get to say it. 

8. Never tell others that their dreams are worthless or dumb. Each of us are entitled to our own dreams and beliefs. 

9. Realize that the only person you can change is yourself. 

10. Be thankful for what you have. Knowing you are blessed isn’t arrogant if you’re truly thankful for your blessings. 

May 30, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

glacier above water surface, giant glacier beneath; kata and bunkai"The purpose of training is to Tighten up the Slack, Toughen the Body & Polish the Spirit" OSensei Ueshiba 
"The difference between winning & loosing is in the Preparation"  Preparation for Battle must be more intense than Battle itself. 
"Intelligence of the brain is consciousness - Consciousness in motion without holding a thought is Zen"
When one is tough enough to take full blows to the Body, one is Strong enough to take anything in Life. 
"Fear is no more than an Illusion" "Use Fear to Push You to the summit and eventually make you Rise". Be Inspired.

May 21, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

enso - circle of enlightenmentReal Warriorship is doing what you say!! Study boldly. Getting older is inevitable /However,  aging is Optional. What's truly Right & Best about You is what you Are. Be the powerful change You want to MANIFEST in the world. This way, you can MASTER living the way you envision.  Everything starts w an idea & the power OR MAGIC in an idea is that you can't Kill it. IT remains to be Great or Stagnant. I go through my Budo practice passing the knowledge & eventually the 'Colors' to those who have the abilities to master life & spread Koeikan. From Master to Student to a LEGACY. Never loose sight of the summit. Your SENSEI is proud of you. Be Somebody

May 21, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

riverOur Well Being is dependent on the Well Being of Others! Osu!! Use the Skills of MARTIAL arts to elevate your psyche toward  phenomenal levels. The secret; is to MANIFEST 100%+ self believe by executing each technique w precise accuracy & driving Force. Don't flinch / Don't hold back / Risk everything to become Something greater than the Self. What comes from the Heart always goes to the Heart. Don't allow outside pressures to take you Down;; instead Rise up & like a Spartan, be that brick in THE Wall. You are gifted w all the talented tools. However, If the ONLY tool you have is a hammer, then every problem will be treated like a Nail. If you want to ACHIEVE Greatness through Budo,  be tenacious, and REACH out to your BROTHER & lift him up w Your inner FIRE (Care). Eventually after the STORMs of life pass, we'll all meet again. Sanchin- the Way to Peace // Zensho- to live Completely. Remember: Everything you do has Great Significance.
Quote "Fear is a product of our imagination - A future thought of what's to come." Fear is a choice. Danger is Real!

May 13, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

bruce lee in fighting stanceZANSHIN

Zanshin is a word commonly used throughout the Japanese martial arts and refers To a state of relaxed mental alertness. Literally translates as; Zanshin “the mind with no remainder.” In other words, the mind is completely focused on action and fixated on the task at hand. Zanshin is being constantly aware of your body, mind, and surroundings without stressing Yourself. It is an effortless vigilance on what may or may not come. In martial arts practice though, zanshin has an even deeper meaning. Zanshin is choosing To live your life intentionally/fully, and acting with ‘deliberate purpose’ rather than mindlessly falling Victim to whatever lies before you or chance. o'sensei kaloudis breaking stack of bricks with his headIt is also known as the state of mind before – during – and after a demanding situation. Going into Battle or a difficult task where the body may be at risk. It’s the feeling at the end of a major Challenging ordeal. The ‘Ahhh’ moment of success and/or survival. Zanshin is what you are During Battle / Battle Engagement / survival in action; This is Zanshin Gratitude Know how much your appreciated.

May 13, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

o'sensei kaloudis breaking bricks on o'sensei frost with a sledgehammerYour history in Budo and challenging achievements or successes should not be taken lightly. Your abilities and skills are reflective of your determination to win and control your destiny. In order, to challenge the inner monsters and bridle the positive nature of your soul, you must force oneself to train. You just can’t give in, give up, or allow failure to stand in your path.

May 13, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

path through lush green forrestKeep your Japanese sword ‘Nippon-to’ sharp. Train as though you may enter the field of combat each day, and never look back. It begins with a vision of greatness. That becomes your journey which starts with an idea. You can't kill a great Idea.

Appreciation Thank you for your contributions to the United Spirit of Koei Kan Karate-Do. You make me realize that we all belong to something greater than ourselves! Something that took Root long ago. A modern day art found out of ancient rituals (reigisaho) Ability and skill is what you are capable of executing relative to thousands of repetitions. Motivation determines what you do and attitude determines how well. This is devotion to task. Build our family with unconditional acceptance of each other. An unselfish heart is master over the ego. Always something new!

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samurai in armor on the battlefieldThere is much to learn. Remember this clear vision based on emotional connection breeds emotional genius. We need sincere Mentors who are always reaching. "I'm still Learning" & if we care; We must never give up.

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teacher watching to students battle with swordsYudanshakai: Warriors and Spartans of Budo Know that your unselfish efforts to serve practitioners Without consideration to personal gain reflect the authentic aspirations of real humanitarians. Our bonds or kizuna (ties as brothers) is the glue that mirrors each one’s persona. "Success is not final- Failure is not fatal- it is the courage to face the enemies of the soul and to continue that counts." Believe in your dreams & aspirations by looking into yourselves. 

Comment: Don’t strive on who you want to be, but more on what you want to be. Challenge the self.

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group of monks hanging upside down meditatingThe mind always fights the body. Regarding courage: I've taught students with disabilities. blind/one leg/ one arm/ cerebral palsy/ burn victims/ & others who fight the winds of adversity. They always attack that which attempts to hold them back.

"What comes from the Heart, Goes to the Heart."

Great enterprise comes from hard Austerity training and painful sweat. Make training & your teacher your best friend & the Heavy bag your worst enemy. Karate will never let you down..! 

Comments: The mind strives to return to familiarity.  Simply, you must force it to go against itself and Will; thereby developing a body that responds to positive influence.  If not, you are always left as victim to your circumstances. Change the mind by changing the thoughts.  Make it through the pain.  Welcome adversity.

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bruce lee with fire behind himWarriors! "Without knowledge skill cannot be focused, Without skill, strength cannot be brought to bear, Without strength, knowledge cannot be applied." ~ Alexander the Great

When you do not rise to the level of your expectations "You fall to the level of your training." In practice become the unstoppable entity with no regard for fear! Turn up the heat and walk on Fire!! Be a Hero..

Comments: Regarding practice ~ Attack your practice as though fire raged in your hair. Push to exhaustion and find your peace after the battle. Fight as though it was impossible to fail!!

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temple on top of a mountain with waterfall in backgroundReaching the Pinnacle: First you need a clear destination, Then a game plan, then an action plan, then bench marks, and finally, an unstoppable self belief including daily actions with affirmations. If one follows these principles, an iron will tempered by training will absolutely  become reality. "You are the sum total of your thoughts." Lastly: Let nothing stand in your path! Galvanize one's Will in the face of your challenge. "Trust is a great thing but trusting yourself is even greater." 

Hardships & failure work hand in hand when striving towards success. Taking the hits is the strategic magnificence of rising over & over to win in your mission. We are blessed as Y​udansha (Black-Belts)​ with a sense of reason & practical leadership. Most importantly we are the custodians of our Budo Journey.

When one decides to create change in life; it must be final. A strongly shaped strategic plan must match your goals. Most of all, one​'s lifestyle should reflect your Values.

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group of monks climbing tall mountain stairs"If you want to produce something great in your life. You must start now by aligning yourself with powerful people who push you to rise. Strive to get on top in life because its overcrowded on the bottom." If you are not willing to take risks, you are not willing to grow. Your history is the tale of the tape. Empower your growth by climbing to higher ground. Remember: if there's no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. 

"Fight for the Light.” Never give up in life no matter what it is. Always keep moving forward. Keep pushing hard until you reach your dream. Execute action without hesitation. Remember you can't afford the impact of a negative thought. The best thing that happened to you came from one thought of determination! 

You are no longer getting by. You are leading the charge and acting by example.  Bust out of darkness into greatness black belt. 

Comment: The above quote can be used as an affirmation read upon rising and/or prior to a difficult situation.  Find the best affirmation to launch your heart and soul in the Right Light.


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temple on mountainBuild yourself a warrior's code. This is the moment you find out who you really are!! The talents are there hidden under your dreams and skills. Be the strongest sword with the greatest vision and will. Adversity makes the weak strong & the strong stronger. Make Adversity your friend & go beyond the Normal. When you do more than expected You excel to excellence. Kill negativity & reach for unchartered challenges. Nothing great ever comes easily. Live close to the edge and leave room for others to shine. TaSumo Fighters Doing Battleke Charge!! It’s all about who you become. No one can take that away and don’t settle for average. Connect the dots and without delay, Train!! Say Yes to your dreams. The philosophy of Budo serves as guide to life laws. Use them well. Find the thoughts and goals that motivate your spirit and never look back.

Comments: The Universe will respond to you and support your quest.

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drawing of a warrior with weaponsRemember how strongly you have been created: Train, train, train, and stay in faith based on reason & sensible moral ethics. Everything great is only predicated on determined discipline & the love of life liberty & the pursuit of challenges. I never lose sight of my will to know who & what I'm made of. I just Practice!! Endlessly…. Find your element! Look for the best Environment that best Unlocks your potential! That place is your mental state of Goals and Skills fostered by attitude. Know this: you are Yudanshakai, "the culmination of gut wrenching years of Practice." Stay in the Element of your Budo!! Be the conduit of unlimited but bridled physical courage. 

Comments: Powerful people recognize potential in others. Recognize the potential in you and Remember: no matter how difficult the climb, I’m going to make it!

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beautiful geology in natureHello Butaedo Warriors!

More quotes from J.Sabat Shihan philosophy and others guiding us to the top of Mt. Fuji.

To fully understand oneself, one must combine both budo & bujitsu. Old Bujitsu (military) Waza (technique-training) when combined with modern day application and virtues are the only real way to cultivate the inner self and strength of spirit. Never stop training, and always seek knowledge for higher learning. I never began to learn, until I shut down my ego, and began to listen openly. Investigate – research – and test your skills for more than conceptual practice, and go the way of ‘reality training,' step into the lions pit. Reach for the stars! ‘Seek wise council by Query’ and in training go the Way of most Resistance and then in life, Go the way of least resistance. Extend your Ki and reach out for the hidden aspects of your budo.

Comments: Satori – enlightenment comes and goes. There may only be a glimmer, a clue, or it may be Staring you in the face, but the answers are found in quiet moments of contemplation and more so in the Heat of pushing oneself to the brink of failure. Just Go for it!!

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tiger“Logical change comes from small advantages hammered out day by day without fail. That’s one Underlying method to success among others.” Remember how you performed under pressure in the past? When you assumed, youth was there then, and Slipping away now! Perform the best way that allows you to still excel. Simply: “Find a Way!!" A smart martial artist knows when To change direction based on the cause and effect of nature. "Hane no Tate Mae" ~ the difference between what you say & what you do!! Once you decide to do only what You say, those thoughts become imprinted within and nothing can stop you towards your goals. What you do, the mark you make, those you touch, goes a lifetime - not what you say. You are your thoughts, ie: thoughts are your first mover. Trust your budo. Trust in your art and be bold, however, remain open-minded. You are never alone!! 

Comments: Take your habits to the next level and allow your behavior to shape and manage your destiny. 

This is a discovery moment – use it wisely!!

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martial artist smashing stack of bricks with elbowBudo: Japanese translation for ‘philosophy’ is ‘Tetsu-gaku.’ You gotta be stronger/ wiser/ better/ tougher/ and together. Be the change you want to see in the world. Stand proud in your beliefs but remain ever flexible as bamboo (taki) in your thinking. Enter the battles with the unstoppable will to win. Know this: you are a Black-Belt and an example for others to follow! That is a somebody! And Don't wine or complain. What you do signifies what you are and points you in the direction of what destiny you desire. Years of practice should not be considered lightly. Re-energize profound and defined practices! Stay young - Stay strong - Stay focused. Surround yourself with influence that comes from successful entities in support of your dreams. Remember: "Great things come from small beginnings." Smash egos and reach out to the stars. Always Present Always Ready. 

Comments: Practice Fighting over and over again, attempting to Galvanize the mind-body-and spirit.

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ninja standing by riverYudanshakai: Those of Black-Belt level "Trusting in self is an act of self belief, while ​Trusting in others completely is always an expectation rarely found." Lift yourself to higher standards so you may be trusted in your selfless acts of compassion; hence Inflated egos create a defensive persona & shackles growth. You are a Force that outsiders wish they could match as few ever do. Strength/Honor/Adaptation/ & Acceptance is an ongoing practice of life. After all, you are Blackbelts.

Comments: Realization as enlightenment comes through the training habit of Repetition - Renma (To Polish)

As the body and the technique become perfected, so it is with the mind.

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O'Sensei Brian Frost at Bushi Shugyo 95'

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"Courage is the foundation of Risk ~ Nothing transforms without Courage"

We’ve all been there. You spend hours upon hours of throwing punches (tsuki-waza) in the dojo. You’re laser focused on perfecting technique, bag contact, snap-back and control. The problem is you’re just not getting any more power or speed. As karate-ka we spend the majority of our training time...

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O'Sensei Brian Frost‘O’Sensei Frost held an 8th degree black-belt (Hachi-dan) and an International Instructor’s Certificate in Koei-Kan Karate-Do. A strong advocate for old style martial arts, ‘O’Sensei Frost trained in Boxing, Okinawan Karate, Judo, and eventually Koei-Kan Karate-Do.

Sensei Frost trained as Uchi-Deshi (live in student) under the tutelage of the founder of Koei-Kan Karate-Do, ‘Kancho Eizo Onishi’. ‘O’Sensei Frost served as the Chief Technical Instructor and National Director for Koei-Kan Karate-Do in the United States. 1972, ‘O’Sensei Frost captured the All Japan Koei-Kan Championship held in Kamata Sports Stadium in Tokyo, as well as competing and demonstrating the art of Koei-Kan world-wide. His efforts took Koei-Kan to Venezuela / Spain / Italy / Greece / and England. For over 40 years of experience in Karate, ‘O’Sensei Frost was the guiding force that light the way in the promulgation of Koei-Kan system...