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Thomas (Tom) Davies has been an active karate-ka in the Koei Kan Karate-Do system since he started his training in 1978 under Sensei Ed Kaloudis.  Since moving to Southern California in 1984, Tom has been training under Sensei Jack Sabat of Santa Barbara, California. Tom was the chief sensei of the Long Beach Koei Kan dojo for over 11 years and currently holds the rank of Go-Dan.

Tom has held many engineering positions throughout his 32-year aerospace career including: manager / production lead for the International Space Station program, GPS systems engineering integration and testing lead, production integration engineer for the Cryogenic Upper Stage of the Delta IV rocket program.  Additionally, he has held many engineering integration-related positions on proprietary programs within Boeing.  Most recently Tom holds the position of principle systems engineer at ThinKom Solutions, an aerospace company specializing in the development of advances antenna systems.

Outside of Boeing, Tom has worked with many learning institutions as an educational technology integration advisor, including Cerritos College, De Vinci Charter Schools (El Segundo, Calif.), and the Helen Bernstein Schools (Los Angeles).  Tom has also been a board member of the First Trail Foundation, which brings educational systems to Native American tribes.  He has been a guest speaker at Kwansei University (Osaka, Japan), Montclair State University (New Jersey), and many local grammar schools.

Tom holds a doctorate degree from Pepperdine University in Educational Technology, a Master of Arts degree from California State University (Long Beach) in Instructional Systems Technology, a Master of Science degree in Industrial Technology – Advanced Automation / Robotics from Colorado State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Montclair State College in New Jersey.  He has received many career-related awards, including being selected as a Space Flight Awareness (NASA) honoree.  Tom is married with one son who is currently attending college.



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Dec 3, 2016 | in Philosophy and History

canadian judo

It was around 1924 that Judo was introduced on the Canadian West Coast under the impetus of and through the enthusiasm of a young Japanese Judoka, Takagaki, who was at the time a fourth Dan. He and a few fellow immigrant Japanese founded the first Canadian Dojo, for both socio-cultural and sport purposes. After a few years, Mr. Takagaki returned to Japan where he later obtained his 9th Dan...