#1 Anti-Progress Crime to Avoid as a Leader

Apr 16, 2018

spartan overlayed with inspirational quote something to the effect of: "the greatest feeling is doing what others said you cannot do."

Hi there,

I trust your 2nd quarter of 2018 is going way better than just good!
We've been sorting through content like a New York Times editor on a 5pm deadline getting our first book closer to complete.
So far it's got some compelling stories and content that isn't being talked about enough in leadership circles, so we're pretty excited to share this with the world.
What's the title?
Glad you asked...it's not finalized yet but it's in this direction:
Conquering Adversity, Inertia & Negativity to Lead an Extraordinary Life
It will be our first definitive work on what we call the Science of Protection of achievement and progress. 
It includes the latest understanding of leadership brain functioning and laws, nature's laws, to help ensure a leader is able to protect their and their teams achievement and progress.
Any feedback on the title most welcome!
Isn't being invincible impossible?
Yes, no one or thing in the relative field of life, as far as we know, is invincible. This is because everything is always changing on a relative level, especially the cells in our body.
The word vincible means,"able to be overcome or conquered".
The word invincible means, "not able to be overcome or conquered".
The only difference between the two words is the word "in". 
In-vincibility from our point of view is a inner state of development where you're not able to overcome or overshadowed by any internal or external stress, vice or incoherence and able to coherently continue to lead yourself and others in the best direction with minimal or no loss of time, money, energy, ROI, key talent and relationships and most importantly your health and reputation.
The Leadership State
This inner invincibility is what we call the leadership state, which is not a quality or habit, and is characterized by being able to have more of the right thoughts and feelings at the right time to act on.
Another way to describe this:
When you see in the theater of your mind 1,000 replicates of yourself giving you a thunderous standing ovation combined with a deep sigh of relief that you're awake to realize the best way to progress in your health, wealth, happiness or relationships.
That lucid moment where you can see and feel how everything can click. Yeah, that one!
Something to Avert for Progress Sake
In the mean time, to keep your appetite for knowledge satisfied and your awareness on the cutting edge of the best leadership thinking here's a new video I just shot this morning on the:

This is vitally important to know, understand and integrate into your mindset and actions because we can all suffer from this kind of inertia from time to time when there is no good reason to.
So if you want to leverage your progress and give people you care about the power of choice to be progressive in developing themselves check it out.
When you're aware of this anti-progress crime and take the opposite approach (without being over zealous, but non-attached to how others respond) wonders can happen and people will surprise you!
Till soon!