Fighting the Wall - Recharge the Soul

Over the years, I have tested numerous methods to advance my & others skills for conditioning and fighting.  A legendary method to build your resistance to failure & defensive tactics is fighting someone who works with his back to a wall.  Using a defensive basis, you can move sideways - forward - laterally but, never backwards.  This type of battle covers numerous benefits, just to name a few;  first, you can't run backwards in retreat, as the wall blocks that escape (you must stand your ground). This builds an iron Will, since, you must defend and counter attack post the attackers abilities to overtake you.  Holding your ground allowing oneself to Fight Back, will push oneself to survive through contact and exchanging blows.

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Acting on the defensive with your back to the wall or corner, these are the options;
1.  To subject oneself to a barrage of strikes without countering in support of building resistance and teaching the body to take the hits ie; (develop an Iron shield).  
2.  Staying in one place (holding ground) with upper body slipping / head movement/ and leg change positions using minimum dodging.  
3.  Holding ground in one place using dodging while focusing on power blocking while initiating counter moves.  (Only acknowledge counter strikes or blows, that effectively stop the attacker.  This supports working off the Opponents strategies and taking advantage of re-directing his attacks to compliment yours.)  
4.  Rapid dodging including side moves/ leg changes/ harassing techniques ie; stepping on the attackers front foot/ kicking his shins/ grabbing or knocking down his front arm and more.  
5.  Secret Option: "Every time he begins an attack, you knock down his lead arm or move towards him on an angle."  This throws his tactics or his intentions into disarray, creating frustration and exhaustion in the attackers methods.  
6.  A slow build up to mastering your skills can be executed by doing this!!  Have the attacker specify a technique such as a Hook or a round-house kick ONLY.  With the insight of knowing what is coming, you can Master develop your skills to respond with timing, form, effectiveness, and eventually a reflex response.  When your opponent uses for example, a Maewashi (roundhouse kick), ask him to control the kick until you can deal with power from any position.  Again, the benefits vary, but most of all, a state of mental calmness will transpire through repetition and timing.  This is a great method for mental confidence and inner strength, while the body is galvanized for the blows.

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Body Toughening:

How the Martial body is prepared for combat is a broad subject, however, here are a few points that will support a stronger base on the road to success in Kumite.  First, it should be mentioned, that a muscularly strong body is crucial for battle development (full contact).  One can have a muscular body, and still be overcome with blows and strikes easily unless the following is added to a training regimen.  
Stand in a concrete position and brace with both feet anchored, allowing your opponent to attack & strike your abdomen with controlled punches.  As he strikes, practice short exhaling breaths and tighten the abs with each strike (rhythm). Once, you have developed the ability to absorb blows, ask your partner to increase the pressure.  You can begin this exercise with chest gear, or allow your partner to use lightweight gloves.  
Note;  This type of conditioning is known as the 'Iron Skirt'.  

As you develop timing (Riai), and ab strength, you will be prepared to for full contact to the mid-section without gloves.  "Knuckles Only"!!  This practice should be executed every other day, giving your abs and mid-section, one day to repair and heal.  Sanchin breathing, is also another method one can employ where your partner can strike the shoulders, quads, shins, chest, back, and neck (with caution).

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"Preparation through austerity training while young prepares the body for endurance and longevity when one reaches the 60's - 80's years of age. Many outsiders of Budo, seem to look at an aging martial artist with envy once they exhibit both the look of health and soulful spirit of youth. Lets not forget about the main Keys to health; No sugar/ No meat/ No dairy/ and find proteins that are in vegtables and nuts.  Only 'organic chicken/turkey'.  No toxins for the body.  'Key nutrition can be discussed in the next missive.
'Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease' ~ Hippocrates

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