The Difference between Reality Budo and Concept Martial Arts

Have you ever heard the term; 'Karate without contact is like swimming on dry land?' This refers to martial training in theory and seldom, if ever, coming to grips with full physical engagement in the training hall, hence, preparing for a real life battle.  All too often, students learn technique and applications, but less often are guided into full contact.  Sure, the execution of physically training to the edge, or exhaustion, is without a doubt, useful in conditioning and preparation for actual use.  This tempers and prepares you.  However, and this is the hitch;  When one trains primarily for no-contact or limited contact, there is an element missing?  That element is both physical and mental.  Physically, the habit of getting close, but not making contact, will lead to a false sense of reality. Simply, your habit will not take you to the next skill level in the street ie; FULL BATTLE CONTACT
             Without physical contact, the body does not develop:

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