Rise to the occasion

Jack M Sabat
Jul 10, 2018

 view of shoreline from a distanceNever allow the difference between what you say and what you do to be far from the truth. This is known as ‘Hane no Tate mae;’ the difference between what you say and what you do. This goes for training and matches the real world you live in. Be true to thy self.

Remember Your Past “Shoshin wasu re be kara zu.” Do not forget your initial intentions connected to your Budo. Remember the early lessons and hardships connected with the search for mastering skills and enlightenment. Don’t forget where you came from or you won’t get to where you need to go!

About the Contributor

Jack Sabat is a practitioner of Martial Arts for 50 Years. As a Black-Belt in Chinese Kempo/ Shito-Ryu/ and Presently, 8th Degree Black-Belt in Koei-Kan Karate-Do; Jack has experienced concrete factors and underlying principles of real Budo (Martial Ways). Martial Arts Philosophy or life philosophy will be examined and translated for the purpose of strengthening the spiritual – mental – and physical aspects of life. These expressions or philosophical views can be used to encourage, help, and stimulate the Inner Spirit to Thrive.

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