Galvanize the Mind Body and Spirit

Jack M. Sabat
May 7, 2016

martial artist smashing stack of bricks with elbow

Budo: Japanese translation for ‘philosophy’ is ‘Tetsu-gaku.’ You gotta be stronger/ wiser/ better/ tougher/ and together. Be the change you want to see in the world. Stand proud in your beliefs but remain ever flexible as bamboo (taki) in your thinking. Enter the battles with the unstoppable will to win. Know this: you are a Black-Belt and an example for others to follow! That is a somebody! And Don't wine or complain. What you do signifies what you are and points you in the direction of what destiny you desire. Years of practice should not be considered lightly. Re-energize profound and defined practices! Stay young - Stay strong - Stay focused. Surround yourself with influence that comes from successful entities in support of your dreams. Remember: "Great things come from small beginnings." Smash egos and reach out to the stars. Always Present Always Ready. 

Comments: Practice Fighting over and over again, attempting to Galvanize the mind-body-and spirit.

About the Contributor

Jack Sabat is a practitioner of Martial Arts for 50 Years. As a Black-Belt in Chinese Kempo/ Shito-Ryu/ and Presently, 8th Degree Black-Belt in Koei-Kan Karate-Do; Jack has experienced concrete factors and underlying principles of real Budo (Martial Ways). Martial Arts Philosophy or life philosophy will be examined and translated for the purpose of strengthening the spiritual – mental – and physical aspects of life. These expressions or philosophical views can be used to encourage, help, and stimulate the Inner Spirit to Thrive.

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