Reaching the Pinnacle

Jack M. Sabat
May 7, 2016

temple at mountain top with waterfall in backgroundReaching the Pinnacle: First you need a clear destination, Then a game plan, then an action plan, then bench marks, and finally, an unstoppable self belief including daily actions with affirmations. If one follows these principles, an iron will tempered by training will absolutely  become reality. "You are the sum total of your thoughts." Lastly: Let nothing stand in your path! Galvanize one's Will in the face of your challenge. "Trust is a great thing but trusting yourself is even greater." 

Hardships & failure work hand in hand when striving towards success. Taking the hits is the strategic magnificence of rising over & over to win in your mission. We are blessed as Y​udansha (Black-Belts)​ with a sense of reason & practical leadership. Most importantly we are the custodians of our Budo Journey.

When one decides to create change in life; it must be final. A strongly shaped strategic plan must match your goals. Most of all, one​'s lifestyle should reflect your Values.

About the Contributor

Jack Sabat is a practitioner of Martial Arts for 50 Years. As a Black-Belt in Chinese Kempo/ Shito-Ryu/ and Presently, 8th Degree Black-Belt in Koei-Kan Karate-Do; Jack has experienced concrete factors and underlying principles of real Budo (Martial Ways). Martial Arts Philosophy or life philosophy will be examined and translated for the purpose of strengthening the spiritual – mental – and physical aspects of life. These expressions or philosophical views can be used to encourage, help, and stimulate the Inner Spirit to Thrive.

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