Reach Out

Jack M. Sabat
May 21, 2016



Our Well Being is dependent on the Well Being of Others! Osu!! Use the Skills of MARTIAL arts to elevate your psyche toward  phenomenal levels. The secret; is to

MANIFEST 100%+ self believe by executing each technique w precise accuracy & driving Force. Don't flinch / Don't hold back / Risk everything to become Something greater than the Self. What comes from the Heart always goes to the Heart. Don't allow outside pressures to take you Down;; instead Rise up & like a Spartan, be that brick in THE Wall. You are gifted w all the talented tools. However, If the ONLY tool you have is a hammer, then every problem will be treated like a Nail. If you want to ACHIEVE Greatness through Budo,  be tenacious, and REACH out to your BROTHER & lift him up w Your inner FIRE (Care). Eventually after the STORMs of life pass, we'll all meet again. Sanchin- the Way to Peace // Zensho- to live Completely. Remember: Everything you do has Great Significance.
Quote "Fear is a product of our imagination - A future thought of what's to come." Fear is a choice. Danger is Real! 

About the Contributor

Jack Sabat is a practitioner of Martial Arts for 50 Years. As a Black-Belt in Chinese Kempo/ Shito-Ryu/ and Presently, 8th Degree Black-Belt in Koei-Kan Karate-Do; Jack has experienced concrete factors and underlying principles of real Budo (Martial Ways). Martial Arts Philosophy or life philosophy will be examined and translated for the purpose of strengthening the spiritual – mental – and physical aspects of life. These expressions or philosophical views can be used to encourage, help, and stimulate the Inner Spirit to Thrive.

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