18th Annual US Sumo Open

May 1, 2018

18th annual us sumo open

Could This Be the BEST EVER? 

Saturday, May 12, 2018, Main Event Starts from 1 pm (PT) 

Walter Pyramid @ California State University Long Beach

With the MOST wrestlers (60+), who have the MOST World Champion titles (7+), and the MOST World-level medals (30+), this is a tournament you've gotta see! Your location: the edge of your seat . .

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Let's Sumo: New Videos to show you how...


sumo nbc

Yama on NBC "1st Look" -- May 5 (after SNL)!

Johnny Bananas takes on the great YAMA:  Don't slip, Johnny . . .  Get ready for smushed bananas!

Weekend of Coast-to-Coast Sumo!

sumo and shushi

Sumo+Sushi Shows Back in Seattle!
(April 28-29, 2018) WaMu Theater
Catch the wave ofm Sumo+Sushi shows
Sweeping the nation. Tickets are selling fast.


sumo exbhitions

Sumo Exhibitions at World's Fare NY

(April 28-29, 2018) Citi Field

Check out the sumo exhibitions, featuring Japanese sumo champions, including Yama, the Heaviest Japanese Sumo Wrestler EVER !!